Spring Cleaning With Pets

Sometimes it is not just the state of your home, and everything that is in it you need to think about when you embark on your yearly round of spring cleaning. If you own a dog. or dogs then you should consider making even greater efforts to perform a more in depth spring clean. Doing so could make your home a much cleaner place to live in.

Yet whilst ensuring that your home is spotless be careful with what you use to do it, after all you do not use anything that you are cleaning with to harm your dog. Most cleaning products are not designed with keeping pets safe in mind. They are meant to clean things first of all, then not to harm people, animal safety is not generally considered. At best cleaning materials advise, or warn people on to use them safely. If there are no instructions for using cleaners around dogs use common sense. For instance keep cleaning agents away from their fur, do not let dogs breath in fumes, or try to eat or drink cleaning materials. Plus keep all chemicals or cleaning goods out of your dog's reach.

Spring - when dogs can mess up your house

So the weather gets warmer and you want to clean up your home, but your dog has other ideas. Spring is a time of year when dogs cannot resist the urge to walk mud all over your home. Not only do you have to put in more effort to clean everything, you then have to wipe away muddy paw prints.

How to stay mud free in your home

There are ways you can prevent dogs from making a mess that wreaks your tidier home. Cover up things that you do not want to have covered in mud. Put washable mats in all doorways so the mud, and muddy paw prints can be washed off when needed. Some owners even train their dogs not to enter into the house until they have had paws wiped clear, and any mud washed out of their fur.

Now dogs will be dogs, and none of them will resist the temptation to run through big puddles, or get their paws all muddy. So you take them to walk in places where there is no mud, or you clean up after them. Some owners will exercise dogs where there is no mud at all.

After the mud has gone, you can always wash your dog's pet bed, and hang it out on the washing line to dry.

Finally as it becomes spring you will have to deal with dogs losing their winter coats, and getting fur everywhere. Preempt that by brushing their coats and getting the bulk of the fur on the brush.

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