Bathroom Cleaning Tips

If you are in need of some guidance on keeping your bathrooms in goo d shape, then check out our top tips on getting the bathrooms in your home in sparkling clean order.

Daily Wipe Downs

An easy way to keep the shower and tub clean is to give them a wipe down after each use. It is almost effortless, but it does a lot to prevent soap scum build. Just keep a terry cloth towel near the shower or tub and wipe everything down once you are done bathing. It will keep the area looking good and prevent any mineral deposits or soap scum buildup.

After-Shower Mindfulness

Once you exit the shower, pull the curtain so that it is closed along the width of the shower. This prevents folds in the curtain, which is where water can hide and cause mold. For your wet towels, hang them up on towel rods or across two hooks to prevent mold and mildew. For shower walls, use a squeegee after the shower to remove all water and prevent buildups.

Use Air To Your Advantage

Poor air circulation after showers can lead to mildew growth. To prevent this from happening, increase air circulation and light in the room so that you can decrease the moisture. A good way to do this is to run the bathroom fan both during your shower and after for 30 minutes. You can also run an air conditioner, dehumidifier or open up a window.

No Bathtub Rings!

If you get one of those rings about your bathtub after a few baths, then it is time to start tackling that problem. Most of the time, such a thing is caused by the use of bath products that are oily. Changing products helps. Or, just clean the tub after each use with a mild abrasive cleaner and warm, clean water.

No More Mildew!

If you have tiles in your bathroom, then you likely already know that mildew growth happens often in tiles. This is because the grout between the tiles are porous and end up absorbing oils from the bath products that you use in the shower. If you already have some mildew buildup, then clean with a mix of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. Use a soft bristled brush and then follow with a pH-neutral cleaner to remove the bleach solution.

Clear The Pipes

The pipes for your shower or tub can get clogged with hair, oil and grease from your bathing. As a result, you should give them a preventative cleaning every one to two months. Do this by pouring 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar. Let it foam up and sit for a few minutes to dissolve the buildup and then pour boiling water down the drain to wash out any clogs.

Soap Scum Be Gone!

For stubborn soap scum buildup, get yourself an acidic cleaner. If you want to use your own, then a water and white vinegar solution will do the trick. Wear gloves and use is sparingly and don't forget to completely rinse once you are done.

Showerheads Need Cleaned Too

Over time, your showerhead will accrue some mineral deposits and other buildup. To clean it, just fill a plastic bag with undiluted white vinegar and place the bag over the head so it is submerged; secure and seal the bag with a rubber band. Soak overnight and then scrub the face with a toothbrush.

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